Villa Hebe

    Villa Hebe is the first house in Ibiza that is carbon neutral. This recently (2022) renovated villa is the ultimate place to fully unwind and recharge the batteries soaking up the Mediterranean sun. Eco-friendly Hebe is equipped with the latest tech solutions making it almost self-sustained. The property generates 80% of its energy through solar panels. All additional CO2 that comes from the grid will be compensated by the owner's participation in a non-profit tree planting programme. This family home is located on a hill ensuring privacy throughout your stay. The central location in the countryside between San Rafael and San Antonio makes it the perfect starting point for exploring the whole Island. Stunning sunset beaches of the West are 10-15 minutes drive away, as are the real Ibizan towns of Santa Gertrudis and Santa Agnes, great for tapas and evening meals. LIVING AREA This spacious living area features a 7m couch. Like all other rooms, the entire living area is equipped with dimmable lights to ensure the best light at every moment of the day. It features one of the best views of San Antoni and the sunset. The room has been designed to let the sun through all the way into the kitchen. The large reclaimed monastery dining table has space for 12 people and is separately accessible from the kitchen. The living room is equipped with pellet Stove for heating, aircon for cooling, wine fridge, 55-inch Samsung TV with Apple TV & ChromeCast KITCHEN The kitchen- the heart of the house- is designed to be a meeting point. The custom-made kitchen features high-quality equipment. With a large refrigerator, there is enough storage to keep all your drinks and food cool. The double freezer drawers give you easy access to your ice cubes. Equipement: Toaster, Blender, Induction Stove, Dishwasher, Oven, Juicer, Kettle Nespresso Professional. OFFICE We know it is tempting to work during your holiday. We recommend not doing so, however, if you're in the need of private working space, this house has it. A full office with 4k HDMI screens and a printer. Our chairs are comfortable to sit in all day and you are close to the kitchen. With northern light, it is the ideal place to work. OUTDOOR DINING The outdoor dining area features a 5m long reclaimed, dragline table, ensuring that there is enough space for 14 people to have dinner. Perfectly located in the shade and with a slight breeze to escape the heat in the summer and keep you warm in the winter. The outdoor area has a built-in barbecue and sink, making it possible for you to grill your local fish, meat or veggies. POOL AREA A large 60m2 pool gives you your needed refreshment during the hot days. Around the pool, there are 12 sun beds. SUNSET MASTER The Master bedroom is located on the top floor. From its private balcony, you can enjoy an amazing sunset. The private bathroom with a toilet includes a large shower and double sink. Directly connected to the office. Bed configuration: 1 x 180 x 200 or 2 x 90 x 200 OLIVE The olive room is located on the main floor. The calm morning sun gives you the impression of waking up in between the olive trees. An ensuite-connected bathroom and large wardrobe give you a fully private space. Bed configurations: 1 x 180 x 200 or 2 x 90 x 200 GOLDEN HOUR Located at the entry-level, you will find the Golden Hour. The room and its colours have been chosen because of the amazing golden hours Ibiza has to offer. Visit the room at the Golden hour, and you will experience a warm colour palette. This room has a separate toilet in the room. Bed configuration: 1 x 180 x 200 or 2 x 90 x 200 SEA On the ground floor, opposite the main entrance, is the Sea room. The room is inspired by the bright blue sea Ibiza has to offer. These natural colours extend your beach days to the evenings. Bed configuration: 1 x 160 x 200 CACTUS Located at the terrace level directly next to the swimming pool. The room inherited its name from the 50-year-old cactus in the garden. This room is equipped with a bath, a shower, a toilet and a double sink. Through the terrace doors, you will be able to dive into the large swimming pool. Bed configuration: 1 x 180 x 200 or 2 x 90 x 200 SUN Located at the terrace level, this room has a bright warm sun colour. The room has an ensuite bathroom with a shower and toilet. A spacious wardrobe ensures you can bring enough clothes to dress for every occasion. Bed configuration: 1 x 180 x 200 or 2 x 90 x 200 SECURITY The house is equipped with an alarm system. Guests that will stay in the house will have access to this system. Moreover, all entrances to the house and the property are equipped with security cameras. Upon request, these can be disabled and/or footage can be removed. INTERNET / WIFI We know how important it is to have good Wifi. The house is fitted with 9 access points ensuring that everywhere in the house, you remain connected. The internet is also off-grid. The house is connected to the internet through Starlink System. Offering speeds up to 350mbit down and 60mbit up. Enough to have everyone watch Netflix simultaneously and do remote zoom calls. HEATING / COOLING All bedrooms, kitchen and the office have their own dedicated air-conditioners. These can heat, cool and dry. Low noise modes ensure a smooth sleep. The main living area has a pellet stove that has enough capacity to heat all the upper floors. (HOT) WATER Our water comes from a private well. The house has 2 water storages of 25.000 litres each. These are automatically refilled. During the summer and sunny days our water is heated by the sun, in the winter we heat up the water with our boilers. SMART HOME The house has 77 built-in smart switches. They are connected through a central system that ensures lights are switched off and on automatically. Designed to optimise our energy usage and storage. All that to reduce the carbon footprint. For example, we will switch on the garden lights when the sun sets. Bathroom lights will be switched off automatically if no longer in use. Electric car charger