Ibiza Closing Parties

    After a summer dancing to the best DJs at the finest parties in some of the world’s most iconic venues, the Ibiza season comes to a close, but not without one last marathon session. The Ibiza Closing Parties see many people return for their second or even third visit to the island, keen to take part in the finale and to give the summer the send off it deserves.

    The clubs normally stay open later and test the stamina of even the most party-hardened clubber as it gets set to pull the shutters down for the winter. The atmosphere is unique, it’s the last chance to party with your fellow clubbers on the clubbing capital for the next few months and everyone is determined to make the most of it. It leads to numerous road-blocked parties throughout the week as one by one the clubbing giants say their goodbyes. The most important thing you can do to get ready for the closing parties is make sure you have all your tickets online before you head over, these are parties you want to be in the middle of and not on the outside looking in.