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    Atzaro hotel nestles in the heart of the island and is surrounded by traditional Ibiza – orange groves and fields as far as your eyes can see, a tranquil spot where, on a normal day, you are alone with your thoughts, with nothing to interrupt the calm. Tonight, however, this serene spot in Ibiza’s countryside is the hub of all things urban, from music to art to fashion as Urban In Ibiza returns for its third year. The tranquillity is about to be shattered with live music performances from DJs, rappers, beat boxers and bands, with many of the world’s coolest urban artists showcasing some of their creations, while two fashion brands deliver their latest lines on Atzaro’s long catwalk.

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    Atzaro is a unique venue, a stunning multi layered hotel which has proven itself perfect for this particular event as well as many others. As we walk into the bar on level one, it’s full of island faces, scenesters from around the world, fashionistas, art appreciators as well as collectors and party lovers of all ages. It’s a real family affair and the atmosphere is fantastic.

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    First port of call is the obligatory walk through, find our bearings, see what is happening where and when, which with an event such as Urban In Ibiza and a venue such as Atzaro, can be a tricky proposition. There is something going on somewhere throughout the whole night, the trick is to try and get to see as much of it as possible. The two galleries showcase a variety of cool art from the likes of Inkie, Goldie, K-Guy, Studio Philly, Ben Allen, Jim Starr and Maximillian Weidemann, to name only a few. Spray painted bikini clad hostesses are on hand to put you on the right path should you get lost and the art on show is inspiring; from Jesus breakdancing for the Pope to self portraits to satirical slants on magazine covers, there really is something for everyone.

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    Back outside and into the garden area on level one where the stage is occupied by DJ Yuniq, Twizzy/ Jinxsta ft DJ Skint & Mad and Carpetface & Audible. Between them they keep us well entertained, from lyrically astute raps to cool hooks and catchy loops, some wicked beat boxing and percussion, wherever you look or listen there is something creative happening. There are numerous pop up boutiques throughout the venue for those looking to engage their flexible friends. At the foot of the stairs as we make our way along the catwalk to the Bubbles bar and Spa area, there is a barbeque on one side and a huge canvas on the other side, on which there is a collection of artists producing live art. DJ Samir is delivering a very cool warm up set for the fashion shows to follow and Shovell, in full drum warrior attire, provides the perfect percussive accompaniment. Everything has been meticulously planned, hats off to Dizzi and everyone at Urban In Ibiza and Atzaro, they have once again delivered the perfect night out.

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    First up on the catwalk is the Felder Felder show. Identical German twins Daniela and Annette have a huge celebrity following, which boasts the likes of Florence (&The Machine), Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Courtney Love, to name only a few. They are the darlings of the international fashion world and their addition to the Urban In Ibiza event is further testimony to the success of the event. Annette is married to world-renowned DJ/ producer Athur Baker, who as well as playing later on, also produces the music for the show.



    With a brief intermission between shows we grab our breath and some delicious sushi and a poem from Carl Smyth – is there a more creative human being on the planet? (We don’t think so!) – It’s back to the catwalk and this time it’s the turn of Sasha Moon. The Bambuddha Grove buyer turned designer launched her label last year and has been collecting fans throughout the fashion world ever since. Known for her edgy fashion sense and an appetite for fine silk and leathers, Sasha celebrates her birthday in style with a stunning collection followed by a stunning cake!




    With the elegant formalities of the fashion shows over, Dansette Junior take to their private stage at the opposite side of the garden, with the full length pool between them and their captive audience they rattle through their repertoire of catchy, high octane tunes, inviting everyone that will fit, on to the stage with them at one point. Expect to hear much more from the fiery three piece, with infectious tunes such as ‘Paranoid’, ‘Fighting Fire’ and ‘The Chase’ – to name only a few – in their locker, we predict big things for them for sure! At this point we call it a night, with a full day ahead tomorrow we decide to fight the urge to stay and listen to Arthur Baker and have a few light refreshments. Talk about suffering for your art, reluctantly we head back to the Essentialibiza HQ. Urban In Ibiza is over for another year, new art and artists have been introduced and Warchild have been the benefactors of the generosity of everyone involved. A job well done in our opinion.

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