Take A Trip To HEART Ibiza’s Acid Sundays

    Sunday in Ibiza is one of the most popular and eventful nights of the week. This is the day when so many DJ heavyweights are hosting their parties in big discos and beach clubs, causing a serious rivalry between themselves and a major problem of choice for their devotees. For anyone else it would have been tough to make a statement in such a competitive environment – but not for Acid Pauli who launched his Acid Sundays in HEART Ibiza with tremendous success. The collaboration between the most stylish newcomer venue and the DJ and producer who recently played for Boiler Room and Burning Man created a win-win situation. People became not just fans of, but seriously addicted to this series of events, which is totally mesmerizing in terms of both music, visuals and atmosphere.

    On September 6 the street in front of HEART Ibiza was a complete roadblock. People were queuing at both entrances, the one to Casino and the other one to the Terrace, finding their names on guest lists, texting their friends and nearly jumping with the thrill of anticipation. The average age of a guest was slightly older than that of a typical club night, which created a very comfortable environment for socialising and an extremely cool mix of representatives of all walks of life: from international celebrities in designer outfits worth thousands, to born-and-bred Ibicencos in psychedelic clothing, from models in dresses pushing the limits of haute couture to easy-going party girls in sneakers, raving the night away in a casual manner. Among them, performers were running here and there, getting ready for their big night, in make-up and costumes, setting up the mood for a large-scale entertainment surpassing all the limits of the expected and predictable.

    The word ‘acid’ often evokes associations with acid house first and foremost – but that’s not the case with Sundays in HEART Ibiza. Acid here refers to all the beautiful hallucinations, visions and experiences originated by the intake of some magical substances – but certainly without taking them. This is your chance to immerse in the quirky world of ancient civilizations, sacred knowledge and unparalleled visuals, to join the spiritual tribe of like-minded folks and to dance to the sounds of the music that would be not quite usual for the Ibicenco scene of the recent years. Expect sudden change of rhythms, heavy jazzy influences, tribal drums and a big difference from what you normally get at a party on the island these days. Not by chance, every event is called ‘trip’ here, reflecting very well the values and the essence of these unforgettable nights.

    Until recently, nighttime entertainment in Ibiza was closely associated with big clubs where people stand with their faces turned in one direction that is to the DJ. HEART Ibiza is taking it to a completely next level, creating an immersive, interactive theatrical performance in a high-tech environment. On the walls of the room, you would see mesmerising video projections – such as a burning chair on the beach or some magical geometrical formulae. The main room of the restaurant was ruled by Acid Pauli and his partner in crime, Nico Stojan, the genius from Berlin who is not about reading the mind of the crowd but about sharing with the crowd such impressions and emotions they could hardly guessed of beforehand. Local favourite Valentin Huedo was responsible for the terrace that had a separate entrance and was available as a separate wonderful experience till 1am. All in all, that was the place to be, to have fun and to make check-ins. Start your week with Acid Sundays, and you will never ever regret.