Sa Capella Ibiza 2015

    Ibiza is a bonafide foodie destination these days, the addition of some high profile restaurateurs to a scene that already boasts some of the finest independent operators as well as traditional eateries has placed it firmly on the radar of the gastronomic set. When it comes to choosing a destination for dinner, there are countless world-class options, and one of our favourites, Sa Capella, is all set for 2015, opening its doors on Thursday April 16.

    Located on the outskirts of San Antonio, Sa Capella transports you back in time, offering a delicious traditional menu and service in a unique surrounding. The building is over 400 years old, it never quite came to fruition as the church it was planned to be – the church’s loss is definitely our gain. With a staff – many of which has been with the concept for over 15 years – dressed in traditional costume, offering a genuine warm and friendly Ibiza welcome to all who visit, it’s no wonder that it regularly has to apologise throughout the season for being fully booked. It can count some a-list global celebrities from music, cinema and TV amongst its regulars, as well as a strong local following on top of the tourists in the know but everyone has to make a booking or run the risk of not getting a table, such is its popularity.

    Sa Capella is one of those restaurants that, when you’ve secured you’re booking, you are genuinely excited about going for dinner. You make an effort, you are never late and you start dreaming of what you are going to order before you even turn the corner and get your first glimpse of the grand old building. To the uninitiated, it might look like you have been invited to the palace for a royal gala! Nothing could be further than the truth, there is no pretension when it comes to Sa Capella. It offers a simple but delicious menu that embraces some of the classic Mediterranean dishes, adding its own twist, it has a real down to earth attitude but is held in such esteem by those that have visited before that it evokes an almost childlike excitement amongst its diners.

    We like to arrive a little early and enjoy a refreshing drink in the garden before venturing inside, where the spectacular interior whisks you back in time instantly, you get a real sense of history and tradition. It’s the perfect place for any kind of celebration, from the grand table for big groups to an intimate table for two in one of the natural alcoves. One valuable thing we have learned from our European cousins when it comes to dining out is that it is not a race. It’s not uncommon for Spanish meals to last a few hours and when you consider they have been brought up with concepts such as Sa Capella, it’s hardly surprising they wanted it to last as long as possible.