Punta Arabi Announces Opening Market Of 2017

    Hippy Market Punta Arabi welcomes its first market of the new season on Wednesday April 5 from 10am until 18.00. It marks the start of the 44 season of the famous Ibiza market, which first caught the attention in 1973. It offers a showcase of the creative talent that lives on the island; from veterans who have been manning their stalls since it first opened to the new generation of craftsmen and women, offering and unique flavour. While the market has evolved over the years, in particular in the last four years, where the quality of the market goods has increased considerably, it still maintains that original vibe that has made it a must-visit attraction for tourists and islanders alike.

    With over four decades of markets, Punta Arabi enjoys the distinction of being Ibiza’s oldest and largest gathering, with its ‘#behappybehippy’ slogan more of a way of life than a simple catch phrase. While it has evolved over the years, changing to fit the landscape of the island and the people visiting it, the authentic vibe of the original markets is very important to the team behind it. In the street of emerging craftsmen, where the new generation strives to make its mark, that original philosophy is very much alive and thriving. Live performance always played a part in early markets, as a form of expression and that continues to this day, with a live soul/ funk performance from Matteo & Bart at 13.30 in the multicultural tent. There will also be regular performances throughout the season.



    A visit to the market is not just a bucket list entry to be checked, there is genuine value to be purchased that offer something unique at a fantastic price. It makes for the perfect souvenir of your time in Ibiza or an unforgettable gift for someone special at home. Punta Arabi feels more like a community than a market and, as such, a great day out for all of the family. While you wander around the numerous stalls featuring some of the finest craftsmen and women from all over the world, showcasing amazing fashion, jewellery, leather and feathers to name just a few, the kids area will keep the little ones entertained and happy. From May 17 the kids can enjoy a series of workshops, from fantasy make up to making dream catchers or headbands, all in front of the colourful graffiti wall.


    The market is a multi-sensory experience, from soaking up the history and tradition that it oozes at every corner to supporting the creative talent on the island through a purchase, to enjoying a cold craft beer or a healthy fruit smoothie while eating some authentic paella or listening to some talented live musicians and singers. It’s a fantastic adventure that includes all of the family and with forty-four years of experience it’s clearly stood the test of time.





    April, May and October: 10.00 to 18.00h

    June, July and September: 10.00 to 19.00h

    August: 10.00 to 20.00h