Pacha Ibiza Winter

    Pacha is one of the world’s biggest club brands and Pacha Ibiza is the benchmark for the numerous venues around the world. During the summer it plays host to the likes of David Guetta, Pete Tong and Luciano, providing the platform for some of the finest parties on the clubbing capital. It’s the must visit club for those travelling to the island from the four corners of the globe and it never fails to deliver. What happens, however, when the tourists go home and the big brands pack up and return to their native cities? As far as Pacha Ibiza is concerned, nothing changes, the venue remains open throughout the year and the party doesn’t stop!

    There can be no doubting that it is the winter in Ibiza, the temperature has dropped slightly and the roads are reclaimed by locals and very rarely busy. Gone are the long traffic jams of the height of the summer, gone are the constant horn tooting from mopeds as they spin around the tourist resorts and gone are the legions of clubbers who see the island population swell throughout the season. There is a calm about Ibiza in the winter but it’s not the ghostly calm that falls on deserted tourist destinations when it’s cold and wet, it’s a cool, we have the island back to ourselves calm and we intend to make the most of it. With that in mind, we are off to Pacha tonight as the winter schedule continues to attract capacity crowds.

    The winter sees a slight change in the operating routine; the restaurant serves as a pre-party venue and where we find Mariano Grande delivering a cool warm up. Ibiza is the clubbing capital of the world, which means that not only does it attract discerning music lovers from around the world but it influences generation after generation that lives on the island as well as providing an attractive home for those who have experienced the magical atmosphere and don’t want it to stop. What this means is that the clubbers that populate the party during the winter season are more than able of producing an atmosphere that matches the vibrancy of the summer.

    Sergio Mussa is in charge in the club, dropping chunky house bombs that has the dancefloor packed. The atmosphere is amazing, people who spend the summer working and making sure the tourists get the experience they come for are letting loose and it’s a sight to see. The soundsystem is booming and the old venue shows why it is one of the world’s most famous. The only difference in the club is that it gets rocking a little later than it would in the height of the summer so next time we might leave it a little later before heading in. One thing is certain, winter or summer, Pacha remains one of the best parties on the planet. As we leave the sweatbox of the club, we are thankful for the slight chill in the air, winter in Ibiza is awesome!