Keeping It Real With Chloe Silverman

    After a crazy summer, I was left feeling exhausted and my autoimmune condition psoriasis was much worse than normal. I took a visit to the Naturopath to get me back on track physically and emotionally. I am not going to lie I partied a lot this summer. I was nervous to share the mischief I had gotten up to, but on meeting wild at heart Chloe Silverman I instantly felt at ease. She says, “partying occasionally is a healthy release”, this was music to my ears. Chloe not only told me what I needed to do, but she helped me to understand my health. I left feeling motivated, inspired and ready to take control. I am now eager to get involved in one of her upcoming health retreats and to try the great new juice cleanses with partners Wild Beets and IPURIFY. After my amazing consultation I caught up with Chloe to find out why she made the move to Ibiza, what she does to unwind, how she resists the temptations and how she can use natural medicine to help you. If you are not living on the beautiful island of Ibiza don’t worry, every six weeks Chloe is in London and Cambridge…

    Why did you decide to move to Ibiza?

    I can identify with the extremes of the island; I love the contrast of holistic heart-centered Ibiza with hedonistic wild mischief. I am wild at heart! I love being a catalyst for positive change, which is often seen as rebelling in ‘normal’ society and I am immersing into a way of living that is solely heart-centered. I guess the pull was to live on a vibrant island, fuelled by a desire to further practice what I preach! Ibiza is somewhere that I feel completely free.

    What inspired you to become a naturopath?

    From my time as a nurse and from my own personal health struggles I could see that conventional medicine wasn’t working for many people and so I took the alternative root. I’m from a family of doctors and practice nurses so my choice to study Naturopathic medicine made me ultimately the black sheep but also helped me to understand that both are absolutely necessary. I have done many fasts and health retreats. The first fast I attended was at The Sanctuary Thailand about 12 years ago. I lived an unhealthy, crazy lifestyle back then and was on a constant quest for more meaning, more purpose and more love! I found answers in the deepest darkest aspects of myself that emerged during the past and in their library of info on holistic medicine, which ignited my passion to take the unconventional yet magical path of Naturopathy!

    What is your area of expertise?

    Naturopaths are the GP’s (general practitioners) of natural medicine. My scope of practice covers a range of skills including all that of a nutritional therapist, a lifestyle coach and a medical herbalist. I use nutritional medicine, iridology, herbal medicine and energetic medicine. So my expertise covers the use of these tools and medicines, however I specialise in treating autoimmune diseases. On an average clinic day I see patients with diabetes, hypothyroidism, crohns disease, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, anemia and psoriasis. I also treat people regularly for exhaustion, anxiety and sleep disorders. People normally come into my clinic after they’ve seen every other health professional! Fortunately I have a very high success rate but I still wish that people would see a Naturopath sooner to nip the underlying cause of disease in the bud before it gets a chance to manifest into a chronic illness. In old Chinese philosophy, people used to pay their doctor when they were healthy and stop paying when they become sick. I like this philosophy of medicine! In an ideal world people would see a Naturopath once or twice a year for a check up to stay healthy!

    You have worked with some of the biggest rockstars in the world, tell us a bit about this?

    I supported myself through the Naturopathy degree by massaging bands back stage. This began with a job at the Sydney Hilton Spa where I massaged ‘Good Charlotte’. A year later I set up on my own and I was massaging and nutritionally advising stars like Jared Leto, Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas and Guns and Roses. It was fun. Fame has never phased me, I see everyone equally, however I was attracted to the high-energy environment and of course the music! It was a challenge to organise the performers and the crew into timeslots when they have a hundred things to do and are cranky because they hadn’t slept properly for days. But it was worth it for the satisfaction of seeing them walk out completely re-energised and ready to rock an audience of thousands of fans.

    Who has been the most rewarding client you have helped?

    Wow big question! I love all of my clients and their journeys are rewarding in different ways, I am constantly learning and frequently challenged and inspired! One lady I had couldn’t even look me in the eye when she first walked through the door because she had so much anxiety! Within three weeks of natural meds and implementing diet and lifestyle changes she was joining social groups and lost 15kg! Blew my mind!! People rock! I can think of another client in particular with bowel cancer and thyroid disease. He literally turned his life around with Naturopathic medicine and my referrals. He was ready for change; he was resilient and remarkably positive. Plus he practiced meditation daily and fully allowed himself to express pain, anger and frustration. This is so important for healing and requires a lot of courage to express these emotions in a healthy way. He is now free from cancer, off all medication (natural and conventional) and his thyroid disease is controlled with diet and lifestyle alone. There’s so many more but these two stand out for me the most right now.

    What can someone expect at a consultation with you?

    As a Naturopath I provide an education service, I teach people how to take control of their health by helping them to understand their energetic and genetic predisposition to disease. With this info I give people diet and lifestyle advice to support their health. If needed I use scientifically proven professional grade nutritional and herbal medicine as well as more traditional energetic medicine to treat disease and illness. I also use yogic principles to increase self-awareness and mindful connections for true happiness! In the consultation I ask lots of questions. I take your pulse and blood pressure, I look at the tongue and in the iris and sometimes I teach a short pranayama (breathing exercise) or maybe I’ll just try and make you laugh! Laughter is the best medicine! Clients say that they leave my clinic motivated and inspired! In every consultation I commit to being completely present for the client, to really hear their story, listen to their body signs and symptoms and join the dots in their biochemistry, energetics and medical history to help nature do its things. Return the body to balance.

    You are currently working on a retreat in Barcelona followed by Ibiza, tell us all about it?

    Yes! This baby is a creation that came from 12 years of scrutinising yearly retreats. This is where I display my meticulous attention to detail from past training in Aesthetics and Spa therapies. I have created Europe’s only retreat programme that encompasses yoga, health food, and naturopathic medicine. The retreat is set on the grounds of a beautiful medieval finca, with world-renowned yoga instructors and the world’s best health food chef (in my eyes). The retreat has personalised yoga and natural medicine sessions to bring the body back to health in a luxurious, tranquil setting. I keep the groups small to provide undivided attention to every guest and to keep the focus on health and rejuvenation for a life transforming experience!

    Have you partnered with any key businesses in Ibiza?

    Yes this is really exciting! I have teamed up with IPURIFY by Wild Beets restaurant. With the latest scientific research I have created five health enhancing juice cleanses with naturopathic medicine. These cleanses cover a number of ailments from exhaustion and skin problems to anxiety. The juices are pure, potent and powerful! They contain locally sourced fruit and vegetables with professional grade nutritional medicine and herbs. This is the most convenient and the safest way to juice cleanse on the island. Whether you want to do one day, three days or 10 days, you will get a cleansing manual and you can access support or a consultation with myself.

    What is your essential tip to stay healthy?

    Everything comes in threes! Number one is laugh a lot. Number two – learn to meditate and number three – keep it real! You are what you choose to think, eat and feel. So think positive, eat real food and feel the love! If you don’t like something change it. If you are sad express it. If you are lost, wonder! Just do what you have to, to be true to yourself.

    Where is the best place in Ibiza to buy the freshest produce?

    It’d have to be straight from the local farmer! Stay local. In fact try to buy everything from local producers! I have only been here a couple of months and haven’t been able to check out all of the local markets but I’ve taken a liking to Eco finca to pick and choose what you like straight from the earth and also IbiZenEco for its convenience of door to door organic produce. The freshest local produce I’ve tasted in a restaurant is at Wild Beets. When I first arrived I used to hang out in Wild Beets everyday, it was my drinking tea/writing spot. The food and delicious drinks makes me feel completely nurtured from the inside out. I think that you can definitely taste the difference between a dish that is slapped up on a plate and a soul-nourishing meal that is made with passion and love. There’s something truly authentic and magical about Wild Beets, which is why I chose to collaborate with their juice company IPURIFY.

    Ibiza is a crazy island, what do you do to unwind?

    Ha, I dance like a wild child, I paint terribly, write and practice yoga. I love extreme sports like wakeboarding, climbing and mountain biking. But the thing that keeps me the most grounded is a daily meditation practice. It can go from 20 mins to two hours, it’s invaluable and if I could only teach people one thing in the world it would be how to meditate. In fact I will be running free classes very soon, follow me on facebook to find out when! The lifestyle I have created in Ibiza is very conducive to all of the above, the best reasons for moving here.

    You have experience working in the party scene, how do you resist temptation?

    I don’t! When I want to party – I party. Resistance causes tension and tension builds when you ignore it. Partying occasionally is a healthy release. I love to dance, be wild and feel connected to others and I have found a way to do this naturally with dance, yoga and extreme sports. I generally don’t get the urge to go to clubs/bars anymore but if I do, I make sure I have lots of fun with amazing people and dance out any toxins. If I drink then the next day I make it up with nourishing food, yoga-love and meditation. In fact meditation is easier for many people with active minds to do after expending lots of energy and pumping out any excess adrenaline with dancing and extreme sports.

    What’s next for the end of 2015 in Ibiza and the UK?

    I have also just set up a clinical practice in Santa Gertrudis. Over summer I was seeing clients all over the island and on yachts so it’s great to have a solid base now in Ibiza and also in London every six weeks.

    If you were stranded on an island and could take one thing with you what would it be?

    Ah that’s a no brainer but three is the magic number… My old skool chunky 160GB Ipod, a mini speaker and solar panel charger. Tunez!

    Read more about Chloe’s services and health retreats on her monthly Essential Ibiza blog coming soon and check out her website – She will also be exhibiting at the London Health Show in 2016.