Jockey Club Sessions Volume 11


    For as long as we can remember, the Jockey Club on Salinas beach has been one of the most popular spots to hang out, grab some food and relax with friends, listening to some amazing tunes that range from chilled out to cool four-four beats, the man largely responsible for this col vibe is resident Lorenzo Al Dino. Picking up a Jockey Club CD as a memory of your time on the island is almost a rite of passage for travelers heading to the island and the good news this year is that the famous beach restaurant is set to drop a triple CD for 2014, *Jockey Club Sessions Vol 11. Featuring a mix that represents breakfast, lunch and cocktail hour in the cool beachfront venue, Lorenzo is joined on mix duties by Gelka and Bic Mic, offering a range of tunes to keep the Ibiza memory alive. As he gets set for another season of delivering long sets during the summer, Lorenzo talks about what we can expect from the new Jockey Club CD…


    What can we expect from the latest Jockey Club CD?

    First of all, this year sees us release a triple CD compilation, covering three times in Jockey Club, breakfast, lunch and cocktail, with a specific mix for each. Gelka, a rising DJ and producer from Hungary, provides the mix on the Breakfast disc, while Bic Mic, who has been responsible for the first three issues of the Jockey Club compilation has mixed the lunch disc and I have compiled a mix of my typical beach house sessions at JC for the Cocktail disc.

    Is it typical of the music we hear at the beach?

    Actually yes, we are presenting the feeling as what we believe beach music has to be.

    How difficult was it making your decision on which tunes made the final mix?

    I think for all of us, we go with the influences of our people and friends, the atmosphere of Jockey Club and of course our own taste. This year was not so easy, because labels offered us more resulting in around 600 tracks to listen to. Can you imagine how long we had to listen to all of them!

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    A mix CD is often the lasting memory of a holiday, how aware of this are you when you are deciding on the tracks?

    Very aware, over the last five or six years it was my intention to invite established DJs and producers in the music industry as well as some new talent coming through and provide, during the season, some must save memories of Jockey Club.

    What’s your favourite time of the day at The Jockey Club?

    My favourite time at the beach is between 16.30 and 20.00, this is the time of day when I think people are most relaxed, they’ve had a great lunch and are maybe enjoying a glass of Sangria or Cava or nibbling on one of our famous fruit plates. It’s a great time to tale them on a musical journey with some four-four grooves.

    What are you most looking forward to from Ibiza 2014?

    Hopefully that we return to the roots of the island and of being music lovers, enjoying the island to the maximum without drugs and silly music parties, which has nothing to do with the original flair of this island.

    Spending all day playing music on the beach, what do you do when you get a day off?

    I stay at home and enjoy my terrace, have some friends over for BBQ but we are always talking about music, we never take a rest from that!

    *Jockey Club Sessions Vol 11 is released April 18.

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