Flying Fish Ibiza

    Flying Pig Ibiza has been a roaring success since it launched, bringing a real Ibiza experience to parties all over the island, while making it a painless and affordable luxury. Due to huge demand and with an eye on the market, it has now decided to launch Flying Fish, the same amazing concept but with some of the finest fresh fish on the planet. No matter what your food preference, the ultimate Ibiza dinner is only a click-click away! We caught up with Holger to get some more info about the new service…

    What is Flying Fish?

    Everyone knows Flying Pig Ibiza – the company stands for high quality Mediterranean meat specialties in XXL. After many requests we have now opened Flying Fish – our brand new baby: the exiting and professional island mobile fish and seafood grill service – anywhere and anytime. It fits and completes our product variety perfectly.

    What is the benefit of being able to pick and choose the parts of your service that suit?

    You can plan your private party, wedding or event yourself! No need to wait for quotes, replies or callbacks. Thanks to our unique online catering store our clients can choose and calculate their own event – anywhere and anytime. An integrated e-cart will tell you the exact catering costs within a second. Honest and transparent. You can do your planning wherever you are, in your home country, at the airport/ flight, at the pool or on the beach, you name it. We accept PayPal and all mayor credit cards. It’s never been easier to create a party on the island. Planning with Flying Pig and Flying Fish is as simple as this – CLICK, CLICK, PARTY!

    What can we order from Flying Fish?

    With Flying Fish you are now able to order great summer parties based on a fish and seafood theme, such as Ibiza shrimp BBQ PYO (peel your own!), an exiting fish and seafood fiesta or something even more spectacular! You also can combine the new product range with our famous meat specialties in XXL. You are free to choose.

    What fish do you specialize in?

    We are always looking for regional and local products of all kinds, the seafood we use is from the Mediterranean sea. Our most spectacular product is called ‘The Ibiza Mega Fish’, this is the ultimate party experience in fish and seafood. We celebrate this amazing live style grill event for clients who are looking for the extraordinary in Ibiza. Imagine a huge fish such as Marlin, Swordfish, Tuna etc presented on a bed of crushed ice, colorfully decorated with fruits and flowers and nicely lit. After the grill opening we’ll cut fresh steaks from the fish and they’ll land nicely marinated on our sizzling show grill. Combined with a tasty salsa and condiment buffet, you will never forget this one – we guarantee! Funny wedding memory with the mega fish in Miami – a furious bride stopped at the ‘Mega Fish Show Grill’ and shouted on us – “Hey guys listen! I’ve spent $300,000 USD for my dress, another $600,00 for my shoes plus jewelry and hairdresser – it took 8 hours to be ready and now everyone want to take pictures of this damn fish only? I can’t believe it!” Bottom line, make sure who is the star of your party!

    How fresh is the fish and where does it come from?

    For our clients we always buy the freshest products only.

    We source it from local dealers to avoid long distance transport and to guarantee the highest possible quality and freshness right before they’ll jump onto the show grill.

    Flying Pig has proved to be a huge success, how much did that factor into the decision to launch this offshoot service?

    The success of Flying Pig Ibiza is its simplicity and the fact that our clients can now afford authentic Ibiza summer parties without any surprises – we deliver high quality products and services at amazingly great prices. FLYING FISH IBIZA truly follows this successful concept; our clients are always looking for something Ibiza like and a real local food experience in the privacy of their house, venue yacht. We exactly cater this demand; we call it REAL FOOD FOR REAL PEOPLE. For more information about products and prices please check the online catering store at