Flower Power Pacha 2015

    Flower Power, the longest serving residency in the Ibiza super club, returns to Tuesday night on June 2 until September 22 for 17 weeks of nostalgic magic. From the golden sixties up to date, Flower Power offers a genuine break from the four-four beat that normally fills the famous club. After switching to a weekly schedule in recent years, Flower Power has gone from strength to strength, filling Pacha regularly throughout its summer residency, introducing a new generation to the unique atmosphere. Tuesday night is all about flares, flowers and rose tinted spectacles as the Beatles and the Stones replace the modern day producers and offer a special soundtrack, one that has been fueling Flower Power parties for four decades!

    If you’re out and about in Ibiza on Tuesday nights, you can catch the Flower Power parade as it makes its way around the island, in preparation for the party. From the beach in Benirras at the Elements pre-party to Café Del Mar on the sunset strip in San Antonio, the colourful minstrels spread love and peace to a swinging sound track. It is a phenomenon that has stood the test of time and one that brings all ages together under the one banner. The crowd on a Tuesday in Pacha is as universal as it gets, from young ravers enjoying the experience for the first time to seasoned hippies, many of whom have enjoyed the Flower Power party on countless occasions throughout the last decade or three! With 17 sessions in 2015 there are plenty of opportunities to embrace your inner hippie, to get into costume for the night and to celebrate some of the biggest artists from decades gone by.