ENTER.San Antonio

    Last year saw the black dot dominate the summer, it was to be found everywhere as ENTER. announced its arrival in Space for its debut season residency. One of the highlights of having the ENTER. crew on the island, and there were many, was the unpredictability of the party and its driving force, Richie Hawtin. From the stunning ENTER.Girls parading through the island to the impromptu performance in the sea at Salinas on a floating soundsystem. Richie Hawtin is known for his innovative approach to everything he does and to see it first hand on the island is a buzz.

    Ibiza 2013 and its time for season two, what did ENTER. have in store for us this summer? Well, the complete takeover of Space for one, adding huge visuals and taking the experience in Playa d’en Bossa up a notch every Thursday. ENTER.Sake has become a focal point, with headline guests joining Richie in the sunset terrace early doors, just another reason to get to the party early. With the season well and truly up and running it was only a matter of time before the talented front man did something crazy and if you were one of the lucky ones out and about in San Antonio this afternoon, you know exactly what I mean. Rock bands have a reputation for stopping the traffic, think the Beatles in London or U2 in LA but it seems Richie Hawtin has a flare for the dramatic too.

    The king of the pop up party was at it again, this time in San Antonio as ENTER. took the show on the road once again, much to the delight of the massive crowd that gathered at their impromptu outdoor event. Taking over a small bar on the beach front, San Antonio got a taste of the magical atmosphere that comes from popping up and giving something back, it was another special Ibiza moment and yet another truly inspired marketing exercise from the brand that never seems to get it wrong. To call it a marketing exercise is perhaps to do it an injustice, yes, it draws attention to the party to follow in Space tonight but something tells me that Richie Hawtin just loves doing what he does and of gets to entertain and surprise a few people along the way, then it’s a bonus. Once again it is time to tip your hat to the creative genius that is Richie Hawtin, if you were one of those lucky enough to catch the show in San Antonio this afternoon, I’m sure it’s a story you will enjoy reliving time and agian.