Cupcakes For Every Occasion

    Who doesn’t like a cupcake? The sweet treat has become one of the most sought after baked good on the planet, transforming itself from a simple delight to be picked up at the bakery and enjoyed with a cuppa to the must have accessory to the coolest events. From weddings to fashion shows, the simple cup cake has become an important addition, with designs becoming more and more complex, depending on the function. The cupcake has even broken into the wedding market, challenging the traditional cake.

    Cupcake Collection Ibiza is just about keeping up with the huge demand for its delicious cupcakes, delivering its own twist to the popular cake. By taking specific dietary requirements, they have delivered cupcakes to people who would otherwise never have been able to sample the amazing taste of the sponge and cream combination. We caught up with Sharon Edwards, who bakes all the cakes in her kitchen, to get an idea what goes into her delicious treats…

    Where did the inspiration for the Cupcake collection come from?

    Was born by accident! A good friend of mine Joha O’Larte Bates was married last April. I helped her organize her wedding and was brimming with ideas. One was a tower of cupcakes. So this led to my first wedding baking experience! Little did I know cupcakes were the latest craze back in the UK. I was excited and very anxious, wondering why on earth did I volunteer to do such a thing. It was a success and from there, via facebook, on average I have made one cake order every week. The business fits perfectly as I have a little girl and bake everything from my own kitchen. So the cakes really are home made! Now I have so many ideas, I’m constantly baking!

    Your Free From range opens up the world of cakes to many people who might normally have to resist, tell us about it?

    I have always enjoyed cooking and experimenting with food. Good job really, as I discovered after lots of research and eliminating foods from my diet that I had candidiasis (yeast overgrowth). I had to eliminate yeast, sugar, animal fats, alcohol, diary and refined foods. In addition to homeopathic medicine. This for me was a life-changing experience and I became very aware and sympathetic towards people who had allergies and/or an intolerance with certain foods. So by now I had gained a better knowledge on grains, dairy, sugars etc. It’s been the most rewarding job as now I have baked for children who have never had birthday cakes! Many of my friends have intolerances, mainly dairy. I have vegetarian and vegan friends also, so this was a perfect excuse for me to experiment and the feedback has been invaluable! More recently I have catered for a diabetic, which was extremely challenging!

    How much of your ingredients are sourced locally?

    Having only lived here for 18 months it became evident that, compared to back in England, the leading supermarket giants have been the main factors for the dying local business trade. Therefore, where possible, I buy local produce from local businesses. This is one of the reasons my Seasonal Cake Collection project was born, to promote buying nutritional local produce, home cooking, educating the next generation and simply following Mother Nature. Recipes and ideas will be available on my website on a monthly/quarterly basis. It’s important for local businesses, including myself, and of course less air-miles! The eggs are from a neighbor and the hens are happy hens! Products such as grains, fruits, and nuts are bought locally and where possible grown right here on our island such as almonds, oranges, lemons and carob. In fact, oranges are now in season and we have two beautiful orange trees that have huge juicy oranges. I’m in the process of making an almond and orange cake. There are many markets and health shops here. There is also one shop, which caters for cake supplies, ‘Sugar Chic’ in Santa Eulalia.

    Tell us about your Reward and Recycle programme?

    As I’m not able to buy all of my products on the island as they simply aren’t available, I stock up in bulk and have them shipped by courier. Packaging is one of these products. Cakes without a doubt need to be stable and transported safely without any accidents! So therefore I have to include the cost of this with each order. I’ve decided to deduct the cost of packaging, if the packaging is brought back to me upon the next order of another cake! I’m researching other methods of transportation to make this an easier process. Waste not want not!

    This year sees you concentrate on your Wedding collection, what can we expect?

    Wedding cakes will be where I want to focus my efforts this year.

    With many ideas and recipes from ‘Free From Collection’, I’m able to offer a menu of delicious delights to suit! Enabling everyone to enjoy a dessert! So I’m keen to have the web up and running asap as this will enable people to browse, look at ideas and help make the ordering easier! To give you a little hint of what will be featured in my wedding cake collection, the portfolio includes, wedding favors, a collection of tiered wedding cakes ranging from classic vintage, floral and sophisticated to simple elegance! Cupcake towers – colourful delights to compliment the chosen scheme. I welcome any ideas and rest assured the bride and groom will have the personal touch! From my own kitchen, I design, bake, decorate, deliver, display and collect! From beginning to end I run the show!