Cocoon It’s A Family Thing

    Summer 2013 sees an unprecedented amount of big name DJs playing as invited artists at their colleagues’ parties. It’s so refreshing to finally see this happen in Ibiza where in the recent seasons musicians who had their own nights performed exclusively at these very nights. No need to say it is a smart way to maintain the integrity of the brand, but in Ibiza it often happens that not following common rules leads you only to a win-win situation. Luciano once was a star at Cocoon. His b2b with Ricardo Villalobos produced a sensation in 2008 and got the prize at Ibiza DJ Awards as the best Ibiza set of the year. Then Cadenza label boss then concentrated on his own Vagabundos concept and proved to be very successful in his own independent journey through Ibiza clubbing life. However, last summer saw Luciano and Richie Hawtin joined forces and for the Cadenza.Enter party, which turned out to be a blast. This season Luciano makes a triumphant comeback to his spiritual home at Cocoon, and we went to Amnesia on July 8 to see him play at the infamous terrace together with Sven Vath. The Main room at that night was occupied by two other techno heavyweights, Chris Liebing and Ben Klock.

    Ibiza knows Luciano as a sunny, easy-going guy who remixed ‘Lady Luck’ and ‘Wonderful Life’. Festival goers have more chances to hear his darker, tougher side when the DJ drops techno bombs and builds up a really intense atmosphere. On July 8 the artist showcased a bit of both of his facets – he played techno, but it was relatively mild by Cocoon’s standards. He wasn’t guided by the sole aim to make the Terrace stomp to the sound of the powerful bass, but delivered music that was at the same time wild and fine. His unique personal energy drenched every beat, you could identify it was Luciano playing without even looking at the DJ booth. Of course, the selection of tracks was not the same at the Vagabundos parties, and the atmosphere in the room bore little resemblance with what happens weekly at Ushuaia, but the style of the true virtuoso remained pretty recognisable.

    Before the Ibiza season began the Cadenza boss was rumoured to be tired of playing on the island every week and was planning to dedicate more time to his family. Well, if he really feels tired, we must admit it hardly tells on his professionalism. Luciano got the opening time slot, from the beginning till 4am, so basically it was him who set the mood for the whole night, while Sven Vath’s task was to provide a continuation and drive the party up to the end. The creator of Cocoon perfectly captured Luciano’s vibe and went on in the same vein, while those who like it heavy and powerful were having the times of their lives in the Main room.

    Cocoon was among the first to bring the minimal techno sound to Ibiza back in 1999. Now they are the veterans of the scene, a point of reference for every promoter who would like to spread this very kind of music. The booking policy is utterly selective – Sven doesn’t like to invite a DJ just because he is invited by everyone else. Every name on the line-up is thoroughly thought over, and if Luciano is back in 2013 it means that this reunion was absolutely necessary and verified. Due to Luciano, Monday nights in Amnesia are becoming more playful and versatile, and the techno stronghold of Cocoon goes into a new exciting dimension. Finally, it’s always pleasant to witness the true family spirit in the Ibiza DJ community, because through music it renders to us clubbers, and just makes world a better place.