Behind The Scenes Bambuddha

    Bambuddha is a true Ibiza institution, offering a unique experience in the centre of the island. Walking through the grand entrance your imagination runs wild, the stunning bamboo roof, the traditional Balinese statues and the positive energy that flows throughout conjures images of exotic adventures in far off lands. The impact is as spectacular as it is instant and serves to immediately raise expectation levels through the bamboo roof. The good news is that Bambuddha has no problem exceeding those expectations, whether you are enjoying the delicious menu, a refreshing cocktail or are attending one of its famous parties. This summer saw the famous venue undergo a few changes, with a slight change of the name and a clever re-furb, we caught up with general manager Jonjon Moon to get the thoughts behind the new look and what we can expect from one of the island’s most famous eateries…

    Bambuddha has just undergone a refurbishment, what changes did you make and what was the thinking behind them?

    We had two main goals with the refurbishment. Firstly to enhance the atmosphere and visual impact when entering Bambuddha and secondly to improve the bar space. Before, when coming into the place, you would have shops on your right and a reception on your left, walk through a narrow, ‘corridor’ with bamboo on either sides, receiving a glimpse of the restaurant here and there. You would then walk down some stairs into the bar, which was half inside and the other half was through some doors on a terrace, and only after that would you climb some stairs and enter the main dining area and have some kind of visual impact. Although this had its nice cozy effect, which a lot of people loved, we believed the bamboo, Balinese structures and statues deserved more attention. Furthermore, the areas were slightly more shut off from each other and we really wanted to create a venue full of atmosphere. So we moved the entrance and reception some meters to the left so that when you walk in, you have the main, 15-year old Balinese roof right in front of you. As you make your way down three steps, you have roofs, bamboo and statues all around you, making it feel as if you are in the courtyard of a temple… with a bunch of people having dinner and drinks. To the right, where the reception and the shops use to be, we placed the new bar, which needed a new Balinese roof. Both our goals have been completed.

    Is it fair to say the restaurant is more tourist friendly now?

    Bambuddha has been tourist friendly for quite some years now, I would have thought, although that is neither our focus nor the reason for the refurbishment.

    What’s your role in Bambuddha and what does that entail?

    General Manager. Maintain the business culture but continue to develop and improve the restaurant and ensure John Moon has some extra free time.

    The restaurant is an island legend, do you feel a sense of responsibility taking it forward?

    Most definitely, however as I said, ensuring the culture John Moon has implemented remains present.

    Will Bambuddha still host famous parties such as Halloween?

    Of course, Bambuddha was the original, one and only, first Halloween venue of Ibiza in 1999. A tradition we love and won’t stop.

    What are you plans to develop the concept?

    Keep on improving, the rest is top secret.


    Carretera De San Juan

    KM 8.5

    07840 Santa Eulalia Del Rio

    t: +34 971 197 510