Be A Happy Hippy At Punta Arabi Market

    Punta Arabi hippy market is an Ibizan institution, beloved by locals and visitors alike. The weekly market showcases designs and products from across the globe, and offers the opportunity for holidaymakers to bring home a souvenir that is truly and genuinely unique.

    Every Ibiza-lover worth their salt knows all about the famous Punta Arabi hippy market, heralded for decades as a gem of the island and much-loved by many celebrities. Almost 50 afters its conception, the weekly event is going stronger than ever. We caught up with Thomas Hofmann, who runs Punta Arabi, to hear what all the fuss is about.

    How did Punta Arabi hippy market originate?

    The origins of the Punta Arabi Hippy Market – actually the first hippy market in Ibiza – date back to the year 1973, when the management of the Hotel Club Punta Arabi offered the newly arrived hippies a space to sell their handicrafts and products. Here, they could sell the things that they had brought from around the world to the very few tourists staying in the hotel at the time. In the beginning, the market had only five stalls: Maggie with her delicious pastries, a lady from Formentera selling hand-knitted sweaters (made by wool from her own sheep), a boy selling puppies, children who exchanged toys and someone selling jewellery from India. In those early days, the hippies put their ‘stalls’ on the grounds under the trees, and showed their products on draperies.

    And how has it grown since?

    Today the market has over 500 stalls! In the height of summer, a continuous cycle of several thousand people stream through it in any given time. Over the years, it has become a must-see for any visitor that wants to experience the authentic essence of Ibiza.

    How big is Punta Arabi hippy market?

    The surface of the recently renovated Punta Arabí Club – now called Club Cala Martina Ibiza – where the Hippy Market of Punta Arabí is held, has a surface of about 80.000m2. Every Wednesday the hippy market takes place here, and in addition to the 500+ stalls, there are gastronomic areas and our big event-tent, which is where the live concerts take place.

    Can you tell us a little more about these live concerts?

    Yes! Every week between 2pm and 4pm in our ‘multicultural tent’ La Carpa, we have live performances by vibrant bands from all over the world. As well as the main performances, there’s bands playing on little street corners in the grounds of the club throughout the day. We’ve had the popular local band Azibi, and veteran bongo players Benidrums, the latter of which has been performing at the market for over 40 years! Even in the early years of Punta Arabi hippy market, music has played a big role – its legendary jams can begin on Tuesday night and last well into the night on Wednesday!

    What sort of food and drink can people get at the hippy market?

    You can have our homemade paella on the terrace of our Grill restaurant between 1.30pm and 3.30pm, or you can enjoy our delicious homemade pizzas, salads and entrées in Italian restaurant Capricho. Visitors keen to immerse themselves in hippy culture might like to try our own Hippy Market craft beer, or we offer fresh smoothies for the health-conscious.

    What sort of people typically attend Punta Arabi hippy market?

    People from all walks of life come to Punta Arabia hippy market! It’s mainly families from all over Europe, but it also attracts bohemians camping in Chirincana and Cala Nova next to the market. It’s also popular with celebrities, as well as island locals.

    Is there any alternative space or entertainment for children?

    In our kids area, Hippy Kids, the little ones can spend a fantastic day together with their parents creating their own special Hippy Market souvenirs such as dream catchers, flower crowns, headbands and more.

    What sorts of things can people buy from Punta Arabi?

    Besides the unique fashion, jewellery and leather goods, you can get all sorts of original items from different parts of the world. We also specialise in local food products, like the Hierbas Ibizencas from Fluxà, as well as artisan chilli sauces, chocolates and olive oils.

    Are there any big events coming up at Punta Arabi?

    On July 5th, we are proud to present Bing Jing Li, a New York City based musician and producer who will be playing an exclusive gig at the Hippy Market as part of his European tour. Until October, Punta Arabi Hippy Market is open every Wednesday between the hours of 10am and 7pm, except for in August when it stays open until 8pm.