All Coloured Up


    Ibiza certainly got a little brighter this season with the first ever Holi Garden Festival held at the renowned Benimussa Park. For those of you who don’t know, the Benimussa Park is an old zoo and plays host to the legendary Zoo Project. As I drove up the road towards the old zoo, I noticed a few partygoers completely coloured up from head to toe in the brightest oranges, greens, blues, pinks and purples. This just got me super amped for what lay ahead, and rightfully so.

    As I entered the old zoo, I was greeted with a crowd of colour. As I was under the impression you had to be dressed in all white, that’s exactly what I did. I dressed in all white. I must be honest, when I saw hardly anyone dressed in white but rather bikini’s and shorts, I felt like a little bit of a misfit, especially after getting there an hour after the first colour had been thrown. You can only imagine me standing there amongst everyone who was completely covered in powder – a sight I was glad only lasted all of ten minutes. I walked into the dancefloor hoping to brush up against someone and get some colour on myself to not stand out so much as I was sure people were staring. Unfortunately I was jamming by myself for the start of this party as I couldn’t find my friends and my battery was dead. As I started getting into the groove, this lovely human walked up to me and said ‘Colour?’ – I smiled so much as said ‘YES, please put some colour on me!’ It wasn’t long before I had a few people throwing colour on me.


    The line up included Remo, Ian Blevins Jon Sa Trinxa, Milou, Jean Cedric, Tom Pool, Claudio Ricci, Jiggy and Kan.E! These guys kept me going the entire day and night with their beats. If you wanted a break from the colour and the dancefloor, there was a super rad chill out area with guys playing beautiful melodies and couches for you to lie down on. I approached the semi circle and saw many people relaxing and chatting all infused with the brilliant colours. Every hour there was a warning to go get your next bag of colour for the throwing of the powder. This was absolutely amazing and as I stood deep in the crowd and threw my bag of colour up with everyone else, I felt almost at one with everyone. What a pleasure. It’s an amazing thing to see an array of coloured powder been thrown up into the air above you. I’m not sure if it was the people or the five tons of powder paint that made this event so special but it certainly is one to try out at least once. Luckily the Holi Garden Festival has put out three more dates for this year at the Benimussa Park. Keep these dates in mind, July 16, August 13 and September 3 as that’s when it’s all going to be going down again… or rather up.