Ibiza Reiki

    One of the most important attributes of Ibiza and something that is integral in the countless wellness techniques that are alive and well on the island is its energy. People are drawn to this paradise because of many things, its beauty, the tolerence of the people that live here, the spirituality that exists on Ibiza and, without a shadow of a doubt, because of the unique energy, which Ibiza possesses.

    Toby and Belinda, who run Ibiza Reiki, amongst many other things on the island, are two such people. Drawn to the island by the magnetic pull of its energy, Toby and Belinda have a deep connection to the island, Toby was born in Ibiza and openly admits he never feels more at home than when his feet touch the ground in Ibiza.

    Working in the energy field, there couldn’t possibly be a better place in the word for them, Es Vedra is the third most magnetic place on the planet, and the strong energy running throughout the island allows them to channel Reiki at a higher level than many other locations around the world.