Organic Acai

    Nico Andonakis and Marilena Thomadaki are pioneering the ‘organic Acai’
    invasion of Europe, and, in particular, Ibiza, bringing the first
    organic fair trade acai to the island, sharing the vision of their
    partner Amazonia for providing high quality organic food together with
    healthy eating habits. Their Acai is pulp and not the sorbet that is
    normally available, with no nasty additives that are usually found. They
    guarantee the highest quality of acai on the market because of their 3
    step process from being hand harvested in the jungle, to being placed on
    the boat and then to their facilities for freezing all within 24 hours.
    Most commercial acai has between a 5 and 10 step process, which means
    ‘organic acai’ has over double the antioxidant capacity. There is also
    an environmental plus to the success of their Acai berry, the more of
    the product that they sell, the more Acai palm trees will remain
    standing, rather than being cut down for cattle and soy farming. So not
    only do you give your body the best chance possible, revitalise and
    energise yourself in the process but you also make a difference to the
    Amazonian rain forest, where the berries originate. The Amazonian soil
    is blessed with a high nutrient dense capacity and this is what gives
    the Acai berry its extraordinarily high nutritional value, and that,
    coupled with the delicious taste, has seen it emerge as one of the most
    popular superfoods on the market.