Ibiza Superfoods

    Ibiza Superfoods is committed to sourcing and selecting the world’s finest organic superfoods. It was launched in 2013 by Verity, a Naturopathic Nutritionist who is passionate about food and its healing effects on the body. Ibiza Superfoods works with distributors and growers from all around the world to ensure it has only the purest and highest grade possible. Superfoods have become very popular recently due to their extremely high levels of important vitamins, minerals and unique protective enzymes and phytonutrients. As the popularity of superfoods continues to increase, the quality of product becomes less reliable. At Ibiza Superfoods, they buy and pack in small quantities to ensure optimum freshness and nutrition. Its ethos is balance! They understand all the excitement and fun the island has to offer but also know how important it is to feel well and look after your body. It doesn’t want to interrupt the fun but to compliment the party by providing a range of wholesome and nutritious superfoods along with the cleanest and freshest organic juice cleanse available.

    Verity’s combined passion of travel and wellbeing took her to India where she discovered a Spirulina farm that used a unique dry methodprocess. By using the Sun’s natural light and energy to dry the Spirulina, they avoided extreme heat and nasty spray chemicals like many commercial brands. This method of drying greatly increased the nutrient and chlorophyll content creating a more potent product. Understanding the vast array of health benefits of this mighty superfood, Verity was now compelled to find more of the very best of mother nature’s medicine and to help to spread the Superfood Love.