Ibiza Retreats

    Ibiza is well known for its incredible energy. An energy which draws 1000’s of party-people and night cats to the island every year to experience the clubs and parties that the island is so famous for. But did you know that there is so much more to magical Ibiza? And what creates this special energy?

    It’s a place of incredible natural beauty and diversity – cliff tops, coves, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, pine forests and mountain springs

    We have sun 340 days of the year – light that uplifts and sunsets which open the heart and quieten the mind.

    It’s home to Es Vedra. The imposing and mythical rock which haunts Ibiza’s coast and is said to be one of the world’s key energetic hotspots.

    The soil here contains unusually high levels of Quartz, which is maybe why Ibiza is such a melting-pot for healing, channeling and harmonising energies.

    Here at Ibiza Retreats, we want to show you how you can harness the amazing energy of Ibiza to feel good, naturally!

    We want to connect as many people as possible with the best and most inspirational experiences of the White Island. Whether it’s a full-on holistic yoga experience you are looking for in a secluded space, or a few days to detox after your week of partying, or simply an incredible massage on a cliff-top at sunset.

    We are here to tune you in to your perfect space and time to let go and enjoy the incredible natural beauty and benefit from the powerful, healing energy here, to help you feel good – naturally!