Beach Body Ibiza

    Beach Body Ibiza is a unique rapid weight loss and detox treatment new to Ibiza. The treatment involves an electro-therapy machine with 32 electropads that stimulate the lymphatic system to naturally breakdown and eliminate toxins and fat, resulting in dramatic weight loss. This amazing detox treatment will immediately give a glossy, slim lined, energy filled and toxin free body.

    The treatment involves a machine system coupled with a food plan, which is designed to increase calories. This allows your body to remove toxins and fat from its system rather than habitual storing. The Beach Body Ibiza treatments focus on the internal congestion within the body caused by calcified toxic wastes. As toxins build up over time they become stored as fat rather than being removed. The machine’s primary function is to tap away and break down the hardened connective tissue lining the fat cells where toxins are stored. This is achieved through electrolipolysis and then lymphatic dilation and drainage that allow your body to rapidly eliminate fat and toxins. Treatments are three times a week for forty minutes and are very relaxing and de-stressing. It is the ultimate body makeover that guarantees fat loss, flat tummy, cellulite reduction, vitality, sleep improvement, clear skin, good moods and a youthful appearance.