60 Seconds with Reiki Ibiza

    What is Reiki?

    Reiki (pronounced Rey-Key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal (Rei) Life Energy (Ki). In plain English, Reiki is a hands on healing system that uses the natural surrounding energy and the energy of every living thing. After all, we are all bundles of energy! Reiki is the art of utilising universal energy for wellness and activating, applying and balancing the universal life energy that is within every living thing. Reiki treats the whole being at every level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is available to all and is a non-religious, non-invasive, non scary, healing system that is channelled through the hands to a recipient who is fully clothed. It doesn’t hurt; in fact it is a lovely relaxing soothing treatment usually accompanied by calming music. Reiki flows to the areas of need, soothing pain and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Reiki restores balance in one’s life – www.ReikiAssociation.org.uk

    What are the benefits of a Reiki treatment?

    Reiki can be used for stress reduction, relaxation, emotional healing, pain relief, reducing blood pressure, general well being, clearing energy blockages, boosting energy levels, help with insomnia and many more.

    What is the double wammy?

    The double wammy is a Reiki treatment connecting you with the stream of universal energy to soothe your worries and bathe you in bliss. It is one and a half hours of Luxury Reiki and Chakra Balancing performed by Toby & Belinda all for EU64. Our Double Wammy Reiki sessions will give you double the relaxation, double the power and double the healing all in one go and balance your yin and yang. Our Double Wammy Reiki sessions are unique to Ibiza Reiki and include consultation, animal card reading, chakra balancing and guided meditation. Double Power Reiki Treatment with Healing Crystals – the ultimate energy experience!

    Are your treatments restricted to your studios?

    All sessions are performed either in The Reiki Room, Ibiza Reiki, San Carlos, Ibiza, or we also offer home/hotel/boat visits.

    You offer Reiki holidays; what do they include?

    Our Reiki holidays are tailor made packages – including accommodation, Reiki treatments, Reiki teaching, Chakra balancing, Lemurian crystal workshop, Spiritual coaching, walking and sight seeing.

    Is Ibiza the ideal location for your business?

    Ibiza is absolutely perfect for our Reiki business! The energy on the island is very strong due to Es Vedra being the third most magnetic place in the world; this draws many spiritual people to the island looking for energy experiences. This strong energy allows us to channel Reiki at a higher level than other places around the world treating clients to the ultimate energy experience.

    There has been an increased awareness in the benefits of spa treatments, have you noticed an increase in business on the island?

    Ibiza Reiki was started two years ago when we moved to the island permanently, we now have a good client base and with monthly Reiki teachings we are seeing an increase in clients wanting to learn Reiki.

    What led you to Reiki?

    Belinda first discovered Reiki in 1994 and over the years was drawn to learn more achieving Master and teaching level in 2004. Toby was always interested in Reiki but being in a very busy corporate lifestyle in the UK never had the time or mind to stop and look further into it. Upon giving up this busy lifestyle in 2008 and travelling Latin America for a year this then gave him the time and space to explore and learn, then becoming attuned by Belinda in Peru.

    Does the natural energy on the island make it the logical place for you to live?

    Yes, Toby, being born here, is connected into the energy at a very deep level and now only feels grounded when on the island hence Ibiza is a very natural and logical home to him. It is a natural calling for us to be on the island, work as we do in this field and also involve ourselves in organising www.healingIbiza.com – an event to help restore and re-balance the energies of Ibiza.

    What inspires you about Ibiza?

    The nature, the beauty and the freedom of this special island make it an ideal place for an energy worker to live, amongst other like-minded friends. Waking up in the morning with the sunrise peeping through the window is an amazing way to start the day and knowing that on Ibiza we are doing what we love to do – swapping mist, greyness and sitting in a traffic jam for blue skies, sunshine and walking the dog on the beach is a great way to live life!

    Describe your ideal day/night on the island?

    Getting together with some great friends for a picnic on one of the many stunning beaches, enjoying the crystal clear waters, snorkelling and soaking up the sunshine. Watching the sunset over looking Es Vedra before heading off to Novum for Sushi and cocktails and a relaxed dinner.

    What is your favourite time of year on the island?

    Late September to November when the days have amazing light, are still warm and swimming is wonderful. The beaches are deserted and once again dog walking on the beach is possible. It’s the time of year when the residents once again get together after the manic high season and have time to enjoy each others company and the islands beauty.

    How do you relax and unwind on the island?

    In the high season we take our little boat out and enjoy surprisingly deserted coves, taking some jamon, goats cheese, olives, bread and alioli and a nice chilled wine, this gives us time out from the busy crowds and time to chill.