60 Seconds with Massage Beach

    Massage Beach delivers the ultimate spa experience, direct to you, no matter where you are. Whether you are in your hotel, villa or apartment, chilling by the side of one of the islands numerous swimming pools or soaking up the sun on the beach, Massage Beach are only a call away. Essentialibiza catches up with Mathew Kift to get the lowdown on this unique service.

    What is the concept behind Massage Beach?

    The concept for Massage Beach originally came whilst holidaying on Ibiza in 2004. It is well known that Ibiza has been a popular tourist spot for many years, however we felt there was a missing element, lots of party, sun and sea but little to truly treat your body. Of course you could get a treatment if you wished to book and travel to and from a Spa, but we wanted something that was convenient and accessible to everyone. That is when we came up with the idea of offering beauty services by the hotel poolside, in beach bars and in the convenience of personal holiday accommodation. Making massage, beauty treatments and its many benefits available to everyone on the Island!

    Are your masseurs fully qualified?

    All Massage Beach specialists are fully qualified, trained and insured.

    What do people get who purchase one of your pamper packs?

    Pamper packages are aimed at groups of two or more people. Within this package you are entitled to as many treatments as you like, for any number of people, providing it does not exceed the allocated time period. They are great value for money and are ideal for groups staying in their own private accommodation. This is an all-inclusive price and includes treatments, use of products and travel.

    Although your company is called Massage Beach, massages are not restricted to the beach are they?

    The inspiration for our company name ‘Massage Beach’ came from our interpretation! It is clear what line of business we are in by the name, it is easily memorable and most importantly we felt that when thinking of a beach it is generally a happy thought, a thought of relaxation, stress free and a place everyone wants to be at some point during the year. We wanted to create the same mental thoughts after you have received a treatment and think of the company at a later point. Treatments from Massage Beach are not restricted to the beach and are available at numerous hotel pools and beach bars across the Island. As well as being available privately, in the convenience of your own holiday accommodation, whether it’s a villa, house, yacht or hotel. Massage Beach also operates in Marbella and the Puerto Banus area, and is soon to be found in various locations throughout the UK in 2011.

    Ibiza has a spiritual history, was that one of the reasons you chose the island as your base?

    We chose Ibiza as our base as it is a place we fell in love with from our very first interaction with the Island. A place we wanted to be a part of, and a place we wanted to live. Ibiza is a place where you can find your inner self, you have the opportunity to totally disengage and find what’s truly meaningful to you. You can also spend a lot of time outside, away from the hustle and bustle of a city, this all adds to the spiritual feeling. There is a great live and let live culture here, and I have yet to find anywhere else like it. The Island has definitely got me hooked!

    Given that Ibiza can be an island of excesses, how important is it to recharge the batteries fully and how Beach Massage contribute to this?

    It is extremely important to recharge your batteries and look after yourself, irrelevant of your location. I am obviously aware and understand that people predominantly come to Ibiza to party and to let their hair down. But a holiday is also for rejuvenating and relaxing. We can help people achieve this by offering expert treatments at a time and location where they are already spending their day. Massage offers many benefits, such as relieving stress and tension, aiding in the removal of toxins, helps break down fatty tissue, aids sleeping and increases the natural production of melanin in your skin, this is the hormone that gives the skin pigmentation its colour i.e. improving your sun tan!

    There has been an increased awareness in the benefits of spa treatments, have you noticed an increase in business on the island?

    There has been an increase of awareness in the benefits of spa treatments. This is fantastic news, as in the past the industry image has often been tarnished as being associated with a seedy side! I am delighted that this association is being eradicated, and I will do everything in my power and as a company to dismiss this association completely. Annually we see an increase of business, which can be partly down to massage becoming more susceptible to the public. I also believe that this is largely down to the fact that we are always working hard on improving the products and the services we offer, and keeping one step ahead of our competitors. I have also noticed the increase of competition, especially ‘one man bands’ offering massage on the beach. This is frustrating as it is often carried out by people who are not qualified or insured. This is why it is important to use a reputable therapist/ company.

    The island provides multiple distractions for young people working there, how do you keep your staff motivated?

    Staff that work for Massage Beach love what they do. This is important and this breeds enthusiasm in their work, I think you can always tell when you receive a massage if the therapist enjoys giving the treatment. We are also very flexible and allow staff different days off, so they can still enjoy the Ibiza nightlife! Our philosophy is that customer satisfaction is achieved through staff satisfaction!

    What does Ibiza mean to you?

    Ibiza is now becoming my home. I have many close friends on the Island and enjoy my time there undoubtedly. It is an all round package and offers great restaurants, beaches, secluded areas and of course the best clubs in the World.

    Do you get a chance to let your hair down and if so, what’s the perfect Ibiza night out for you?

    It is a rare occasion that I get the chance to fully let my hair down, as I am working every day of the summer. However, I will always try to make time to socialise with friends, whether it’s at a restaurant, a club or on the beach. I love the smaller family run local restaurants, where you get fantastic cuisine at a great price. For example Ca’n Pilot in San Rafael or Ses Eufabies restaurant in Cala Tarida. Another great night out is an arranged tour called Taste Ibiza. I like this as it is a little different – you get to experience different cuisine and wine at three different restaurants. You can enjoy this with a group of friends, and have the chance to socialise between courses (restaurants) without all of the loud music so you can actually have a conversation with each other! It is also a great opportunity to meet new people before heading off to a super club like Space or Pacha!