Ibiza may be the clubbing capital of the world but the food scene is fast becoming a reason to rival music for visiting our stunning island. World famous eateries are arriving every season and many independent operators have stepped up to the hot plate and delivered the most amazing dining experiences in recent years. Whether you are looking for a delicious meal in simple, authentic surroundings or whether you want to feel like a movie star, Ibiza is the place to come.

    As a clubbing generation moves on but still wants to maintain its connection with the island that defined its adulthood, thoughts turn away from sweaty clubs and towards beach locations, cool parties, that finish not to late and eating out. It is the latter that has moved us to create this restaurant platform, an homage to the numerous food operators that have really accepted the challenge of catering to this generation and who have well and truly placed Ibiza on the food map. Over the course of the year we will be featuring some of the finest establishments on the island, giving you the chance to take notes and plan your next visit as we unearth some of the gems that has the islands mouths watering.

    Destino II

    Santa Gertrudis is a quaint village in the centre of the island, ten minutes and 100 years from the hustle and bustle of the Ibiza resorts that play host to millions of tourists every summer. The village is a subtle mix of modern Ibiza and the traditional spirit that has made it a poplar stopping point for centuries; from the multiple invaders to the friendlier designer clad clubbers. While the village can be easily negotiated on foot in under half an hour it has an extraordinary amount of first class eateries, making it a destination of choice for foodies and other in the know visitors as well as residents from all over the island. One of these restaurants is Destino II, a local tapas joint; simple in design but deadly when it comes to the choice of food.

    Can Tewfik

    Living in Santa Gertrudis has numerous benefits, from the warm sense of community and the friendly attitude of everyone in the village to the stunning array of eateries to be found on virtually every street. No matter what your preference, chances are there is an option, making it one of the most important destinations for the ever-increasing number of foodies heading to the island. One such option is Can Tewfik, an Italian restaurant too close to our apartment and one that offers one of the best pizzas on the island, and we would know, we have spent the best part of the last three years tasting most of them!

    Babylon Beach Ibiza

    Babylon Beach is the latest addition to the ever-growing list of cool destinations around the island, just outside Santa Eulalia on the road to Es Canar, Babylon Beach sits on a small cliff with stunning views out to sea. It offers the option of sunbathing and relaxing during the day and fine dining at night but unlike many of its counterparts around the island, the emphasis is on chilling out all of the time. No big name DJs or branded parties, the resident DJ, George Solar, plays strictly on a mellow tip, this truly is a spot to relax and unwind.

    Hacienda Eden Restaurant

    Eden restaurant is located within the Hacienda Hotel, set high in the hills above San Miguel, built into the cliffs and enjoying one of the most spectacular views on the island and the table lay out has been designed to make sure every table has front row seats to the magnificent vista. It is slightly off the beaten track and not the simplest drive to get there but, like every other hidden gem on the island, is well worth the effort. From the friendly staff that makes you feel at home from the minute you enter the restaurant to the spectacular view, which offers a real challenge when the food lands as you don’t want to look away!

    Ushuaia Beach Club Restaurant

    Ushuaia Beach Hotel completely changed how we though of the outdoor party when it burst on to the Ibiza scene, and in a few short years it can boast playing host to some of the biggest acts on the planet, from DJs to pop stars. The parties that take place in the pool area of the hotel are the stuff of legend and have resulted in the name becoming known throughout the world. While these events are magnificent showcases, they are not the only thing that the hotel has going for it. Away from the pounding bassline and exploding confetti cannons, Ushuaia has a stunning beach club on Playa d’en Bossa, one of the islands most popular beaches.

    Amante Restaurant Ibiza

    Ibiza offers numerous beautiful spots to enjoy the long hot summer days, if peaceful, idyllic, relaxing and secluded are high on your beach wish list then look no further. The stunning setting of Sol Den Serra offers all of the above and much more and in Amante you have a VIP beach option to remember.

    Novum Restaurant Ibiza

    Novum was newly refurbished in 2010 and now exudes a white oasis of calm and chilled relaxation. Experience either the full dining offering in the excellent first class Mediterranean restaurant or choose to chill out on the open air beds where you can indulge in white leather surroundings and be served outstanding Sushi and sumptious cocktails. Fairly pricey but a beautiful venue and a worthwhile stop if you’re passing from perhaps an evening in St Gertrudis or other local village.

    Savannah Ibiza

    Savannah is the younger sister of the world famous sunset bar Caf� Mambo. Located at the opposite end of the sunset strip to Mambo, Savannah offers a completely difference experience than its older sibling. While Mambo is instantly recognised throughout the world, Savannah has quietly but confidently gone about its business, refusing to trade on the popularity of its older sister, preferring instead to build a loyal fan base of its own, people who love the tranquillity it delivers for its sunset session, peoplethat enjoy fine dining al fresco, people who love a delicious cocktail and also people who, when the suns goes down, like nothing better than enjoying the finest beats delivered in an intimate surrounds though an amazing sound system.

    Bondi Ibiza

    One of the newest additions to the line-up is Caf� Bondi in San Antonio, which has a menu laden with organic produce and lip-smackingly tasty, hearty fare. Bondi has a prime location by the fountains in San Antonio’s busy main square – head for the Egg and you’ll find it just behind, in and among that whole row of restaurants. But Bondi stands out from the crowd because it offers something entirely new for that area – it’s been built around the knowledge that increasingly, people care about the quality of what they put into their bodies, and so the menu is designed based on organically sourced, local food that’s loaded with vitamins and minerals. And yes they still sell things like English breakfasts, but the beans are organic and the meat will be from a local farm – and it’s these little touches that make all the difference.
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