Turo Turo

Located in Figueretes, Turo Turo has made an immediate impact on Ibiza
since opening. Enjoying a prime location on the Figueretes promenade, it
offers an Asian fusion menu and, every Sunday, a traditional roast,
although fans of the Asian menu can still order from the grill. It opens
for the weekend during the winter and has become a popular destination
for people from all over the island. The large open space enjoys great
sunlight during the day, making it perfect for meeting friends for lunch
or dropping in for a catch up and a coffee. The warm and friendly
greeting that the staff extends to everyone that passes through the
doors gives it a real community vibe and it is family friendly, another
major plus. The huge outdoor terrace is a great spot to relax and watch
the world go by, a stones throw from the beach. Night-time sees it offer
a vibrant spot for dinner and drinks and with a DJ booth, there is often
a party to be joined. Turo Turo goes out of its way to deliver an
inclusive experience and it shows by its continued popularity since its
doors first opened.