The Harbour Club

    Harbour Club landed in Ibiza late in the 2013 season but wasted no time
    in impressing and capturing the heart and stomach of the discerning
    foodies that call the island home, not to mention a slew of tourists
    that found the delicious eatery perched overlooking Talamanca Beach.
    With numerous successful operations already in its native Holland,
    Harbour Club is yet another five star addition to the Ibiza restaurant
    landscape. Eating out in Ibiza has become one of the biggest decisions
    of the holiday, with numerous amazing experiences to be had and a
    growing number of travellers to the island with an educated palette.
    Harbour Club is a stunning destination on one of our favourite beaches,
    Talamanca. Minutes from Marina Botafoc and Ibiza Town, the venue has
    ample parking and offers a city restaurant experience on the beach. From
    the cool booths looking out to sea to the quirky courtyard or the chic
    interior, it really doesn’t matter where you find your table. The
    restaurant boasts a green approach, offering organic and animal friendly
    products, suppliers are chosen for their sustainable and socially
    responsible production and the interior boasts sustainable produced
    materials and largely energy efficient LED lighting. With so much
    positive energy flowing through the venue you could be excused for
    waiting for the ‘but’, you would be waiting a while, this is an
    outstanding addition to the Ibiza landscape.