Stoned Ibiza

A couple of streets back from the hustle and bustle of vibrant Ibiza
Town you’ll find a maze of narrow streets, with every twist and turn
leading to another cool cafe or quirky eatery. Stoned Ibiza is nestled
in the corner of one such courtyard, minutes and a million years from
the craziness of the main street and a picture postcard, the perfect
place to spend a few hours. Stoned sits in a delightful courtyard,
sharing the space with another restaurant, with high white walls on each
side littered with balconies, offering an authentic Ibiza feel.

Jacqui Forte is the brains behind the concept, which she runs with the
help of her daughter Katie and her friendly staff, there is a real sense
that we have popped round to theirs for our dinner and we love it!
Immediately at ease, Jacqui explains that the stones are heated to 350
degrees and that we pop whatever we have chosen as our main course on to
them and let them cook. It is a genius concept and one that really takes
the awkward question of how do you like your meat cooked out of the
equation. As far as the food and the general concept goes, we can’t
recommend it highly enough, it’s the most fun you will have with food
with your clothes on, if you haven’t already, we urge all of you to get
Stoned In Ibiza.