Somiart, Ibicencan for ‘Dream Of Art’, is a fitting name for the unique
    restaurant/ cabaret concept on the seafront in Santa Eulalia. Fitting
    because owner Javier, member of the famous Foc I Fum collective, had a
    dream for a food and drink experience like no others on the island,
    showcasing his ability and passion for theatre as well as a desire to
    provide quality food and drink for the patrons who frequent his
    beautiful establishment. The result, a stunning restaurant overlooking
    the sea, with numerous outdoor stage options as well as trapeze set high
    above the restaurant floor, where performance art adds more than a touch
    of the dramatic to a delicious dining experience.

    We have been fans of Foc I Fum from the first time we saw them perform
    in Space Ibiza years ago, taking the grace and talent of the show and
    transporting it to a restaurant setting is a stroke of genius. The
    building itself is a stand out on the sea front, brilliant white, with
    tented cabanas on the forecourt and a huge dome for a ceiling, which
    lights up depending on the day of the week or the particular performance
    on show that night. Now in its fourth year, Somiart has captured the
    imagination and hearts of countless tourists since its inception, the
    venue offers a tranquil spot to enjoy cocktails and people watch,
    alternatively to enjoy a unique dinning experience that includes
    performance artists balanced twenty feet above you while you eat.