Seventeen Restaurant

    Located in the heart of residential Siesta, Seventeen Restaurant is one
    of Ibiza’s eating gems, where a warm and authentic welcome awaits
    everyone that finds it. A short walk from the promenade of Santa Eulalia
    is where you will find the unique eatery, where its lush garden offers a
    delightful setting where you can enjoy a rare fusion cuisine. Italian
    chef and owner Renzo Galli and his French wife Barbara Masson have
    created a stunning menu that blends authentic Italian and Mediterranean
    flavours to deliver a rich and satisfying culinary experience. With a
    dedicated, multi-lingual staff waiting to make you feel at home all
    year, Seventeen is the hidden place to be.

    After an enjoyable meal, when sitting in an Italian restaurant, there’s
    only one aperitif to be sipped, Limoncello. When it comes to Seventeen,
    the stylish restaurant boasts on of the finest on the market. Seventeen
    has taken the most Italian of drinks and given it an Ibiza twist,
    resulting in its own LC Limoncello. The tipple has an old fashioned,
    traditional feel normally, but Seventeen Ibiza has given it a modern
    feel, including a stylish bottle, designed in partnership with
    celebrated Ibiza studio Inmedia Design. Where the traditional Limoncello
    is mass-produced using a distillation process, Seventeen Restaurant uses
    the fantastic lemons found in Ibiza and a process that is 100% natural,
    creating a distinctive flavor that has been a big hit with the
    restaurant’s loyal clientele.

    Seventeen Restaurant’s LC Limoncello has created quite a stir on the
    island, so much so you may be tempted to go straight to the after dinner
    tipple. That would be a huge mistake. The menu is mouth wateringly good,
    using fresh produce, delicious cuts and the skill of Renzo in the
    kitchen to create a memorable dining experience. The home made gazpacho
    was another big summer hit, as were the range of 100% natural soups that
    include almond and broccoli, leek and potato and minestrone. No matter
    what your culinary preference, there is something for everyone on the
    Seventeen Restaurant menu and combined with its warm welcome, it’s no
    surprise it has become one of the most popular dining destinations on
    the island.