Sa Capella Restaurant Ibiza

    Ibiza is famous the world over as the place to go to catch the best DJs
    and club brands in the world, where the party never stops and, while
    that is an accurate description of the island, it’s also only a fraction
    of what this Balearic gem has to offer. One of its many other
    attractions is the ever-growing food scene, where local restaurant
    owners and some high profile imports are delivering stunning venues with
    equally impressive menus, ensuring foodies have just as much reason to
    check out the island as clubbers.

    Sa Capella is just outside San Antonio but couldn’t be further from the
    hustle and bustle of the fast food haven that is the west end than if it
    were located on a planet in a neighbouring galaxy! Think rustic,
    tranquil, traditional, friendly and you’re in the vicinity; this locally
    owned nugget in the countryside is without a doubt one of the finest
    dining experiences that you are likely to encounter.

    Carlos and his talented, friendly and efficient team will make you feel
    welcome, like part of their extended family, comfortable in the
    breathtaking surroundings that the 350 year old building provides.
    There’s no doubt that there must be substance to the stories of ghosts,
    probably someone who enjoyed a meal there in the past and didn’t want to
    leave, ever!

    Originally destined to be a place of worship, it’s fitting that Sa
    Capella should enjoy a similar commitment from its army of ever
    increasing loyal patrons as that of a religion. Specialties are many and
    varied but one of our favourites is the ox cooked on a bed of salt at
    your own table, it takes a bit of beating.

    The dramatic surroundings, with original brick work, high ceilings and
    chandeliers, have played host to numerous celebrities over the years,
    but this is not a place where fame and fortune are celebrated, everyone
    is treated as a member of the Sa Capella family, one of the many small
    details that make your visit to the restaurant unforgettable.