Ocean Beach Sunset Roof Garden

    Ocean Beach Ibiza has made a huge impact on the island since its debut
    in 2012, from the amazing experience around the pool to the delicious
    menu in the pearl restaurant; it became an island favourite in no time.
    The winter prior to the 2013 season saw the venue undergo some changes,
    one of which was to turn the Pearl into an intimate late night venue and
    to move the restaurant to the roof above the DJ booth, resulting in the
    birth of the Sunset Roof Garden restaurant. The new location meant a
    stunning view across the bay from the elevated position, offering a
    front row seat for one of the most spectacular sunsets on the planet.

    When you can take your eyes off the view, and it’s no easy task, the
    restaurant itself offers an amazing dining option. The al fresco
    experience is matched by a stunning menu with a variety of options where
    the food has already captured the imagination of discerning travellers
    to the island. The best compliment is that people are actually heading
    to the waterfront venue specifically for the restaurant, and, for a
    venue that is one of the most popular on the island for relaxing and
    partying around the pool, that is quite an achievement. The Essential
    crew was invited to sample the menu early on in the season and can say
    without hesitation that it was one of our favourite meals of the summer.