In many aspects, Santa Gertrudis, in the centre of Ibiza, is similar to
most of the villages around the island, there’s very much a community
feel about the place, everyone knows everyone and activity is centred
around the main square, which sits in front of the old church. One way
is does differ, however, is the unusually high number, for its size, of
quality eateries on offer. One such place is Musset, a caf�/ restaurant
just down the hill from the main square, which is the village hub both
night and day.

During the day Musset is a hive of activity, from the casual coffee
drinker to the lunching locals, business types talking about the next
master plan and tourists exploring the island, Musset offers a home away
from home for everyone. The friendly staff makes you feel like a part of
the family and the menu offers a delicious choice of snack, sandwiches
and more substantial dishes. It acts as an office for many of the small
businesses that are run from the picturesque village and, in the winter,
it connects the island as people from all over drop in regularly to
catch up. At night Musset offers a relaxing dinner atmosphere where cool
music plays in the background and an amazing menu at reasonable prices
makes for a pleasant evening out. It hosts a variety of parties
throughout the year, many introducing live entertainment and every time
it does, the island comes out in support, again adding to the strong
feeling of community and family that it boasts.