Montauk Steakhouse

    Montauk Steakhouse at The Tower brings yet another innovative concept to
    the Ushuaia group. The idea is to make Montauk the finest steakhouse in
    the whole of Spain, using prime aged beef from the most renowned
    producers in Iberia, Nebraska and the UK will be perfectly cooked over a
    real fire charcoal grill. Featuring a salt chamber built from Himalayan
    salt bricks, where diners can choose their cuts of meat, and the salt,
    together with the combination of temperature, humidity and light,
    produces a sweet and flavoursome dry-aged meat. Montauk is a stunning
    space, where you can dine in comfort and style, enjoying a first class
    service with a smile. The restaurant offers all of the trimmings of fine
    dining without the heirs and graces that sometimes accompany them.
    Montauk will also feature a world class cocktail bar offering a
    selection of classic and bespoke creations, as well as a small cigar
    lounge area serving cigars, rare bourbons and dark spirits in classic
    club-style comfort.