With two decades on the island, Malibu on Salinas is one of the finest
restaurants in Ibiza, known to an international crowd that has an
appreciation for the design, facilities, menu and service to be found
overlooking Salinas beach. By definition, Malibu is a beach bar/
restaurant but that doesn’t come close to doing this chic eatery
justice. The style and finish inside the venue is a match for any
cosmopolitan city around the world and the level of service would not
look out of place in any of the world’s most famous restaurants. What
makes Malibu great is that it offers all of the aforementioned without a
hint of an attitude, unless you call being friendly and warm to every
person that walks through the door attitude? It boasts a stunning view
out over one of the island’s most famous beaches and has played host to
many of the biggest stars in the world over its twenty year tenure, not
that you’d ever hear it boast! This is one of the island gems, a place
where an afternoon can disappear in the blink of an eye; such is the fun
you will be having. The varied menu makes sure there is something for
everyone and the wine and champagne list can live up to even the most
demanding palette.