Madrigal boasts one of the finest locations of any restaurant in Ibiza.
    Located on a double corner in the centre of Marina Botafoc, it enjoys a
    vista that includes luxury yachts, the Mediterranean and the historical
    Dalt Vila overlooking Ibiza Town. During the day the bright blue sky and
    deep blue sea provide a dramatic frame for this picturesque view and at
    night, when the town is lit up, it makes for a stunning dining option.
    The restaurant, like many in the Marina, offers a delicious menu, with
    quality throughout, where Madrigal differs slightly, is that it offers
    it at an affordable price. Whatever your budget, you can enjoy a
    memorable meal in a beautiful location where the staff makes sure you
    feel at home. Under new ownership from the start of 2012 it has become
    one of the most popular dining destinations on the island. Many of the
    top DJs and brands that head to the island for the summer use it
    regularly so it is not uncommon to be sitting next to one of the world’s
    finest DJs!