Located in the tranquil village of Jesus, Laurelito offers a new and hip
    dining experience featuring a menu influenced by the Mediterranean,
    Pacific Rim and a dash of East meets West. Combining healthy bites with
    hearty food, it has become a must visit for islanders and tourists
    alike. Whether you want to drop in and enjoy a memorable meal or simple
    tea and cake, Laurelito is a winner. The amazing menu, however, is only
    one of the attractions of this delicious destination, the eye for detail
    in design and the quirky finishing touches makes it somewhere you will
    want to visit again and again. From the elegant colour palette and
    unique back-to-school feel of the tables and chairs and the black
    suitcase outside welcoming you and suggesting you taste the home made
    food to the ‘fork off’ inscribed oversized cutlery, this is a venue that
    will not take much time to win a place in your heart.