La Escollera

    Restaurants in Ibiza are no longer the hang ten sandy floor beach huts
    of yore. They are now full service establishments with sun loungers and
    custom CDs. Sadly, a lot of places lose their soul in the process,
    leaving us the diners adrift and displaced. Thankfully, that is not the
    case of La Escollera. Here, Wilhelmina Kraal and Daniel Gonz�lez are
    embracing change by turning their classic seafood restaurant into a full
    service beach club. A new brighter design welcomes the international
    set. Teak furniture, white awnings and one of the friendliest staff you
    will ever meet blend effortlessly with the azure waters and the
    Formentera views. In this upgrade, Spanish classics like grilled squid,
    salt crust fish, and paellas are served alongside real vegetarian
    options, Asian inspired appetizers – and sushi! The overall sensation is
    that of an old friend sporting a new face lift- a bit hard to recognize
    but unmistakably familiar.