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    A Glamorous Girly Dinner At KM5

    Now in its 23rd year, almost three decades after opening its doors for
    the first time a dinner at the glamorous restaurant and lounge bar KM5

    km5 closing by la skimal

    KM5 Closing Party 2016

    KM5 has announced that it will host its famous closing part on October
    7, details have yet to be released but if history tells us anything,
    it will…

    Km5 Catwalk Fashion Event

    Fashion In Style At KM5

    KM5 is the place where gastronomy, music, art and fashion come
    together, creating an immersive Balearic experience for the
    international socialites….

    km5 by la skimal

    A Chic Foodie Feast At KM5

    One of Ibiza�s most famous and in demand eateries, KM5 has built a
    reputation on its outstanding food, excellent service and illustrious

    Ibiza Goes To Malta

    Saturday July 23 sees Ibiza head to Malta in the shape of Ibiza
    resident Graham Sahara, who will be dropping into Malta�s exclusive
    beach club…

    Harbour Club Feature 001

    The Harbour Club Ibiza Is Ready For Summer 2016

    After a few quiet months�by Ibiza standards, of course�the island is
    bursting with energy accumulated throughout the winter. Ready to blast