Kanya sits at the far end of the promenade that runs along the coastline
    of San Antonio, if you are standing on the Sunset Strip facing the sea,
    head right and keep walking. It enjoys a stunning view of the famous
    Ibiza sunset and makes for the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a
    cocktail or a romantic dinner as the sun turns the sky orange as it
    makes its way below the horizon. During the day Kanya offers luxurious
    beds around it’s crystal clear pool where sunbathers enjoy the
    magnificent view out over the Mediterranean while they enjoy the
    convenient bed service and cool tunes.

    The menu is varied and offers everything from a delicious cut of beef to
    the freshest sushi. As the sun starts to descend, Kanya comes alive,
    with talented island DJs providing the perfect soundtrack before lifting
    the tempo and offering a pre-party vibe that will get you in the mood
    for the night ahead, no matter where you are headed. Kanya is the
    ultimate venue, no matter what time of day you find yourself there.