Hidden Bar

    The next time you’re looking for an adventure in Ibiza take the road to
    Santa Gertrudis, carry on to San Miguel, head for Benirras, on to San
    Juan and keep going up and over the tricky mountain road, with it’s
    twists and turns and sheer drops on one side, where the view will take
    your breath away and which will eventually bring you to the picture
    postcard destination of Cala Vincente, where you will find the
    appropriately named Hidden Bar. It’s like something from a movie; the
    pathway leads you from the road down into a secret garden with tricky
    hiding spots, chill out areas that transport you from the Mediterranean
    island to a Victorian library, there are lounge areas under age old
    trees, a chess board built for giants and a crazy golf course smack bang
    in the middle, it’s a playground for the imagination and whether you are
    an actual kid or just one between the ears, you will have an amazing day

    Hidden offers a truly unique experience, the tables are simple and set
    amongst what feels like the set of a movie, with plenty of adventures to
    be had for everyone, from the crazy golf course to the tent in the
    trees! For the adults, most if the fun can be had at the bar where
    celebrated mixologist Chris Edwards will deliver a delicious cocktail
    while you peruse the menu. The food is heavily influenced by the east
    and offers a tasty afternoon by the sea. If you exit the opposite end of
    Hidden from the main road, you have a very short walk to the stunning
    beach where you can have a dip in the sea and relax under the hot Ibiza
    sun. Hidden Bar has everything.