Hacienda Eden Restaurant

Eden restaurant is located within the Hacienda Hotel, set high in the
hills above San Miguel, built into the cliffs and enjoying one of the
most spectacular views on the island and the table lay out has been
designed to make sure every table has front row seats to the magnificent
vista. It is slightly off the beaten track and not the simplest drive to
get there but, like every other hidden gem on the island, is well worth
the effort. From the friendly staff that makes you feel at home from the
minute you enter the restaurant to the spectacular view, which offers a
real challenge when the food lands as you don’t want to look away!

Chef de Cuisine, Mathieu Savariaud, originally from Bordeaux, has built
solid foundations for the restaurant using fresh, organic and quality
produce and Mathieu’s ‘3 F’s’ philosophy – food, family and friends. One
of the most important parts of the Eden restaurant is its garden, where
the vegetables and herbs are all grown organically and where they will
have an organic market area where you can choose the vegetables that
will make up your salad. All of the produce that is not grown on the
premises is sourced locally, literally being taken from the ground the
same day it lands on your plate. And with some simple but clever
flavouring and seasoning, the freshness of the food is evident in every
dish. This is one meal that you will never forget!