Giri Cafe

    Located on the main square of the sleepy village of San Juan, The Giri
    Caf� is the restaurant concept from the team that brought us The Giri
    Residence. The innovative design that is evident throughout the boutique
    hotel carries on into the caf�, offering a warm and friendly but also
    very cool spot to enjoy some fine dining in the north of the island.
    Natural materials are used throughout, from heavy wooden surfaces to
    slate and brickwork, which makes for a stunning interior. The garden out
    back is where organically grown vegetables reside before making it into
    the kitchen and on to the varied and delicious menu. The Giri Caf� has
    become one of the favourties for islanders in the know and the legion of
    foodies who visit the island each year; keen to try the ever increasing
    number of unique dining options available.