Es Raco

    Ibiza has become a haven for foodies, the number of top notch
    restaurants with established and up and coming chefs that have appeared
    in the last few years means that the number of tourists coming to the
    island on gastronomical retreats is increasing every year. They might
    even start to give the clubs a run for their money! There are so many
    places on the island where you can sample outstanding cooking, the
    competition is fierce, what does set these eateries apart is the dining
    experience and while there are a few amazing experiences to be had,
    nothing prepared us for what was in store at Es Raco. Two minutes drive
    from the airport roundabout is Es Raco, not so much hidden away as just
    quietly minding it’s own business, this is a restaurant that doesn’t
    shout from the rooftops, instead it prefers to let people find it,
    confident in its ability once they have done so and sure that they will
    come back once they leave.

    The first thing you pass as you head through the ranch-like doors is the
    BBQ pit, where the smell will have your mouth watering before you have
    even reached your table. For those not keen on meat, Es Raco is also
    known for its authentic Italian Pizza. The restaurant is mainly in the
    garden, with enough tables and chairs set out to meet demand but not too
    much to make you feel crowded once at your seat. It’s a simple idea but
    a genius one. The staff is friendly and very cool, tattoo’s seem to be a
    pre-requisite to working here. The food and drink is the focal point of
    Es Raco, sitting in the garden, surrounded by the smell of the meat
    cooking on the BBQ is amazing, there’s a real sense at being at a
    friends BBQ, such is the family feel and warm reception. Enjoy a
    delicious bottle of red while you wait for your food, it is a relaxing
    dinner destination and one that has become hugely popular on the island.