El Clodenis

Ibiza is blessed with a plethora of stunning eateries, all delivering a
unique experience as well as food to die for. On an island more famous
for it’s four four beats, the rise of the restaurant has been
extraordinary in recent years, with many of the world’s top
restaurateurs choosing Ibiza as a destination for their concept. There
are, however, a small collection of Ibiza restaurants that have provided
a constant throughout the years and El Clodenis in San Rafael is one of
these, a true Ibiza legend in every sense of the world. The stunning
traditional venue in the heart of San Rafael, yards from the entrance to
the church, has delivered quality food to its loyal customers for 25

El Clodenis has a special place in the heart of Essentialibiza director
Charlie Chester; it’s where his guests enjoyed drinks prior to attending
his wedding to Jo Mills in the church across the narrow street. The
entrance is subtle and leads into a small garden area where there are
olive trees over one hundred years old. The history is the first thing
that makes an impression; this is a venue that could tell a few tales if
the walls could speak! The main garden area is at the other side of the
old building but it is closed until next season now and we choose to sit
inside the old restaurant. The stone walls and original floors point to
the character of the venue and the d�cor compliments them perfectly,
adding some subtle touches of glamour, the restaurant is bursting with
good taste.