El Chiringuito

    El Chiringuito Es Cavallet is one of the coolest beach restaurants on
    the island. Sitting on Playa Es Cavallet, El Chiringuito offers numerous
    options when you hit the beautiful sandy beach. From the chic boutique
    that offers the perfect attire for the fashion conscious Ibiza beach
    lovers to a stunning menu for lunch or dinner, El Chiringuito is another
    of Ibiza’s all-in-one beach venues. For those that love the sun and
    enjoy spending hours on your back under the rays, there are several
    comfortable loungers to spend the day on, listening to the relaxing
    soundtrack from the slew of island DSJs that call the beach booth home.

    When the sin disappears, El Chiringuito makes for a romantic dinner
    spot, looking across the sand to the blue waters of the Mediterranean
    with the perfect mood music and a delightful food and drink menu offers
    a dining experience that will be hard to forget. Away from the
    restaurant, this is a destination that has witnessed its fair share of
    memorable parties, Richie Hawtin and the ENTER. crew hosted a welcome to
    the season get together this year and Groove Armada’s Andy Cato
    delivered a fitting performance at the season finale. El Chiringuito is
    a great example of the stunning beach clubs that Ibiza has become famous
    for in recent years, offering a quality experience on a breathtaking
    beach, no matter what your preference.