Dunes is the latest addition to the Playa d’en Bossa landscape and a
    welcome one at that. The stylish restaurant offers a fusion menu that
    ranges from Mediterranean, American, Mexican and Asian, giving you a
    real choice of which party of the world your palate wants to visit. The
    quality of the food is amazing and it has already earned itself a
    reputation for delivering some of the best burgers on the island.
    Walking in off of the main stretch Play d’en Bossa, the first thing you
    will notice is that the floor is sand, shoes off, sand between the toes,
    you feel at ease immediately. The ice cream parlour offers passers by
    the chance to cool down in the early evening heat and there is also a
    late night food cart on the other corner, which offers curry sausages to
    the revelers coming out of the clubs in the wee small hours.

    Away from the food and drink, Dunes offers various entertainment, from
    the DJs that play along while you have your food to the performers and
    musicians perched on the podiums high above your head and the lounge
    upstairs, which makes for an intimate late night drinking spot or the
    perfect small party. The terrace upstairs also has seating for those
    that want to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere from the resort or look down
    over the beach to the sea. Dunes has thought of everything and, no
    matter what you are looking for from your night out, it has you covered
    and prices that buck the escalating Bossa trend.