Destino II

    Santa Gertrudis is a quaint village in the centre of the island, ten
    minutes and 100 years from the hustle and bustle of the Ibiza resorts
    that play host to millions of tourists every summer. The village is a
    subtle mix of modern Ibiza and the traditional spirit that has made it a
    poplar stopping point for centuries; from the multiple invaders to the
    friendlier designer clad clubbers. While the village can be easily
    negotiated on foot in under half an hour it has an extraordinary amount
    of first class eateries, making it a destination of choice for foodies
    and other in the know visitors as well as residents from all over the
    island. One of these restaurants is Destino II, a local tapas joint;
    simple in design but deadly when it comes to the choice of food.

    Ramon is the main front of house contact, and with an ability to
    converse fluently in seven languages, a popular one. Welcoming every
    guest, seating them and, when your turn comes around, guiding you
    personally through the menu, advising on all the dishes and chatting
    about personal palate preferences before giving you tips on what to
    order. Forget the chore of struggling through the menu trying to decide
    what you want, this is how it should be, and it’s a personal touch that
    is evident throughout all the staff in Destino II. We are Santa
    Gertrudis based so to say we are regulars is an understatement and while
    we are slightly hesitant to open our secret food spot to numerous
    others, we owed it to the rest of the island to make sure they had an
    opportunity to sample the delights of this amazing tapas restaurant.