Cana Sofia

Looking out over Cala Vadella, Cana Sofia proudly boasts one of the
finest views of the islands numerous beach restaurants, no small feat
when you consider some of the other views that it is competition with.
The small cove offers a quaint but breathtaking view of the stunning
sunset that Ibiza has become famous for. That said, Cana Sofia is not
really one for boasting, it’s not really its style, this delicious
eatery prefers to let its menu do the talking and when you consider that
owner and chef Moises has won ‘Best Kitchen In The Balearics’ twice, you
understand that it has every right to be confident in its own ability.

The food plays an integral part in the popularity of this beach
restaurant but it’s not just the food that has endeared it to the
discerning foodies that live or visit the island. The family atmosphere,
the years of love that have clearly gone into making it what it is are
evident and embrace you from the first minute you set eyes on it, it’s a
feeling that you will want to repeat time and again. It’s like a home
away from home, if one of the best chef’s in the region lived in your
house that is.