Can Pilot

    Can Pilot is one of the island’s best kept secrets, well, strictly
    speaking not that big a secret if you live on the island and enjoy a
    good steak. The restaurant, located on the main street through San
    Rafael, attracts good food lovers from all over the island to sample its
    juicy cuts of beef. Choose your own cut and watch them throw it on the
    grill and cook in front of you. The menu is simple but delicious and the
    value for money is unbelievable. Can Pilot is one of those places that
    real insiders know about and a visit guarantees much more than one of
    the finest meals you will taste, you will not leave the restaurant
    hungry and you will enjoy the warm, family feel from the staff and
    patrons that frequent it. It’s village dining at its very best and
    definitely worth the taxi fare from whichever Ibiza resort you happen to
    find yourself in.